This is our entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2020


A fox finds himself in peculiar situation. 
Wild spirits around the forest are taking over alive animals!
You must find a safe place before it's too late.

When another spirit takes your body, you can't control it anymore.
Stay enough time out of your body and you will lose yourself completely.

It's kinda nigthmerish to see your own body moving without you in it. Isn't it?


Controls with arrow keys. Smashing the right and left keys might be required.
Shrines drive away evil spirits. You can get back to your body if you are fast enough.


Made by 4 crazy argentinians. (programmer) (art director) (animator) (background artist)

We made all the artwork, programming and animation in 48 hs!


Playable in your browser and downloadable for Mac and Pc!

For browser:

If the game plays slow, try minimizing the window and not play it fullscreen.

The first time around, loading the intro cutscene might take a bit, you may skip it by pressing any key. (this issue only happens in the browser version).

Download the game for optimal experience.


We welcome all the feedback!




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A beautiful game with beautiful music, great job :) 

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this game is very, very beautiful. it has amazing visuals and a really good overall feel, the music is amazing aswell. but sadly i couldnt get past the first part because my game kept freezing and the frames were too low for me to play it, im really sad because its a really pretty game. im not sure if its because my computer isnt that good or because of the game but i just wish i could play it with atleast 10 fps. very good work on the artwork though, i love the aesthetic of the game. <3 :) (also i couldnt figure out how to get it out of fullscreen mode D:)

remove the fight back feature, it makes it too boring. still though, fun game!

Wow, I am impressed. Awesome game ♥♥♥

This game is so beauty, i love it! Nice work guys!

Thank you! (*≧▽≦)

This was a beautiful game , however I got a problem with frames dropping. Might just be my computer. The gameplay was interesting , but wasnt very clearly communicated.  Still loved it though!

Glad you liked it! We will try our best to optimize it so everyone can play it on both on browser and on their computer without problem.

Thank you for the feedback!

beautiful - love it

(^▽^) ♥

Looks like you are very professional game devs or designers! I am very impressed! Would love to see this as a full game!:) 10/10

Thank you! ahhaha we are not professional game devs at all ahaha. We are keen on design tho. We are really happy you liked our game! ♥

The game looks great! Love the atmosphere!

Thank you!!! v(・∀・*) 

We worked really hard on it.